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In order to keep our patients and staff healthy,
Midwest Medical Group continues to follow the CDC’s
recommendation that staff members, patients, and visitors should continue wearing masks in healthcare
facilities whether you’ve been fully vaccinated or not.

So, for everyone’s protection, please bring and be
prepared to wear a mask during your visit.

If you develop Covid related symptoms before your appointment, please call 405-739-6840 to notify us  so we can determine the next step.


Adult, Pediatric, Sports, and Aesthetic Medicine

Midwest Medical Group strives to provide medical care for your entire family, no matter the age. Staying active is important, and our doctors perform physical exams for sports eligibility to help enhance the physical health of our community.

Lab and Allergy Testing

Midwest Medical Group has a full in-house lab making it convenient for all your needs. We also specialize in allergy testing and management. In addition to allergen immunotherapy, we also offer testing for food sensitivity, intolerance and allergies.

EKG, Cardiovascular, and Smartbeat Testing

From EKG to autonomic nervous system testing, we have a wide array of tools at our disposal to give us an edge in ensuring your complete health.
We also offer a comprehensive screening test to detect a multitude of diseases in their early stages. This allows them to be treated before they develop into severe problems. It involves tests of the lungs, eyes, blood vessels, and heart. Consult with your doctor on your next visit to see if Smartbeat testing would be beneficial for you.

Caring for The Uninsured

Medical insurance should not be a barrier to receiving quality primary care. We strive to provide affordable services for uninsured patients.

Our Medical Staff

Dr. Cook has been practicing medicine for over twenty years. His passion for medicine started in the eighties with wanting to help people maintain a healthy lifestyle. He feels the most rewarding part of being a doctor is being involved in an entire family’s healthcare long-term. He is an Enid native, and enjoys working in the yard in his spare time.

Dr. Anderson is an Oklahoma City native. He is on the board of AllianceHealth Midwest and has been practicing medicine for over thirty years, having graduated from the University of Oklahoma. In his spare time he enjoys the outdoors, and spending time with his grandchildren. He also volunteers for mission trips in Central and South America to help those in need. He says the best part of his job is being able to take care of families for years.

Dr. Kavanaugh grew up in Edmond. Her passion for medicine started when she was a child, originally wanting to be a veterinarian. She graduated from Oklahoma University in 2010 and has been with Midwest Medical Group for four years. She feels the most enjoyable part of being a doctor is the relationships she builds over the years with patients families and friends. In her spare time, she enjoys the outdoors and horseback riding.

Dr. McDaniel has been in private practice since 2002. A strong fascination with the human body and biology led him into the medical field. Having attended school at the University of Oklahoma he is an avid OU sports fan. He says the best part about being a doctor is connecting with his patients and families overtime.

Dr. Smith is a Ponca City native. Science was always a big passion for him and that is what pushed him into medicine. He graduated from the University of Oklahoma and has been practicing medicine for over five years. His favorite part of being a doctor is being able to help people. In his spare time, he enjoys the outdoors, reading, and playing the piano.


8800 SE 15th St
Midwest City, OK 73110
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Phone: (405) 739-6840
Fax: (405) 455-3087

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